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T-Plan Robot Enterprise 3.0.1 WaitFor Command Window

This window allows creates a WaitFor match or mismatch command or the corresponding waitForMatch() / waitForMismatch() Java method call and inserts it into the active editor. See the WaitFor command specification for more information on fields and values defined in the window. To open the window select Script -> WaitFor Command in the main GUI menu or click the Waitfor Icon button on the tool bar or select the command in the Command Wizard.

Unlike in the 2.x versions the window does not deal with the WaitFor bell and update commands. These can be created through the Command Wizard.

The WaitFor match or mismatch command suspends the script execution until the selected image comparison method produces a match (WaitFor match) or mismatch (Waitfor mismatch) or the timeout is reached. In plain words this command performs a task like "wait until (or as long as) the desktop image matches a template or a list of templates but no longer than the specified timeout". Default values populated in this panel are shared with the CompareTo command and may be configured in the CompareTo Command panel of the Preferences window.

WaitFor Match
  1. Image comparison parameters can be specified in the Template Parameters panel. Functionality of this shared component is described in details in the CompareTo Command Window help topic.
  2. The Wait for parameter allows to select the target condition (match or mismatch). The match one will hold the script execution until the selected comparison method produces a positive result, for example when a component represented by the specified template image appears on the desktop screen. The mismatch one performs quite opposite and waits as long as the comparison method produces a positive result, for example until the specified component disappears from the screen.
  3. The Image comparison interval option specifies how often should be the remote desktop compared to the selected template image(s). The default value is 3 seconds.
  4. The Timeout option inserts a timeout into the command (parameter timeout=<time>). It defines the maximum amount of time to wait for a match or mismatch. If you don't select this option the command will wait until there's a match or mismatch indefinitely.