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All documents listed below are bundled inside the distributed T-Plan Robot Enterprise binaries and they are available locally from within the product through the Help links and buttons. The latest version of all documents is maintained online at the T-Plan Robot Enterprise 3.0.1 Doc Collection web site.

Be aware that this is release specific documentation and it doesn't list more abstract resources such as tutorials, videos, white papers and articles. These are available through the top level T-Plan Robot Enterprise Documentation web site.

Release notes contain installation, execution and migration instructions, dependencies, platform support, known issues and notes on compatibility with previous versions.
The Command Line (CLI) Reference lists command line options supported by the T-Plan Robot Enterprise binary. The same options are also accepted as parameters of programmatically created automated testing threads.
The TPR Language Reference is a complete specification of the TPR test script language supported by T-Plan Robot Enterprise version 3.0.1. Its goal is to provide a complete syntax and functionality reference to those who write automated test scripts using this tool and its testing framework. As the scripting language is tightly coupled with the Java Test Script API, it is also intended to provide a complementary functionality reference for design of Java test scripts.
The Java API reference comprises of Java development manuals and a JavaDoc collection built from the Java source code comments. It provides information on writing of Java test scripts and customization procedures.
The GUI Reference provides help related to components of the T-Plan Robot Enterprise GUI, such as the main menu and tool bar, script editor, tool panel, desktop viewer and standalone windows and dialogs.
Integration Reference describes integration with T-Plan test management products, especially with T-Plan Professional 7.0.