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Static Image Connection

Last update: 12 November 2017

The Static Image connection allows to test file based images. Usage:


TPR test scripts:     Connect file://C:/Users/John/myscreenshot.png
Java test scripts:    connect("file://C:/Users/John/myscreenshot.png");
The connection by default refuses key events. TPR test scripts relying on this connection report a syntax error in any Press, Type or Typeline commands. This is intended to make it clear that static images do not consume any key events. To suppress this behavior and make the client consume key events (and discard them silently) see the client preferences.

The connection checks the image file size and last modified time at regular intervals. When an update is detected it reloads the image. This mechanism allows the connection to test systems generating graphical output to an image in the file system. This behavior may be modified in the connection Preferences.

Advanced URL Syntax:

Connect file://C:/testdata/images.jar!/examples/screen.png
Connect file://screen.png
TPR test scripts:     Connect file://{_PROJECT_DIR}/images/screen.png
Java test scripts:    connect("file://" + getVariableAsString("_PROJECT_DIR") + "/images/screen.png");