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T-Plan Robot Enterprise 4.4.7 Doc Collection

Protected Variables And Safe Box

Last update: 12 November 2017

Version 4.4 introduces an option to hide sensitive data such as passwords:

To manage the safe box use the Script->Safe Box Manager tool:


To view protected variables and insert them into the scripts use the Protected Variables tab of the Tool Panel component:

To unlock the safe for automated testing:

The safe box is internally implemented as an XML file stored in the Robot configuration folder ("<user_home>/.tplanrobot/safebox.xml"). It contains variable names and encrypted values (AES). To migrate the safe box simply copy the file as needed. Avoid manual editing of the file to avoid the XML data corruption.


Have a test script connecting to a password protected VNC server:

Connect rfb://mytest.org:5901 password=welcome

To hide the password open the Safe Box Manager window and create a variable called mytest-pass:

Then replace the password in the connect command with the variable call:

Connect rfb://mytest.org:5901 password="{mytest-pass}"