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RDP Connection

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft. RDP servers are built into Windows operating systems. This technology is in MS Windows also known as Terminal Services and the server is also called Terminal Server. There are RDP server implementations also for Unix and OS X.

Testing over the RDP protocol was introduced by T-Plan Robot Enterprise v4.3:
The following configuration is required on the Robot host:

MS Windows

RDP on Windows

RDP server is available in Windows Professional and Ultimate editions. Though it is disabled in the Home editions it may be enabled there using 3rd party tools such as the RDPWrap one.
The RDP server is off by default. To enable it follow the instructions here.

RDP on other systems

On other systems you have to install an RDP server. Known implementations:


To connect to the RDP from a test script use the Connect command (TPR scripts) or the connect() method (Java test scripts). The argument URL must be in form of  "rdp://<host_or_IP>".

For example, the following command/method call will connect you to the local desktop using the Local Desktop connection:

TPR test scripts:     Connect rdp://<address>?user=<user>&password=<passwd>
Java test scripts:    connect("rdp://<address>?user=<user>&password=<passwd>");

The URL may be also used together with the -c/--connect CLI option to establish the connection on the Robot start up.