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T-Plan Robot Enterprise 4.3.1 Integration Reference

1. Overview
2. Product Integration Guides
3. Generic Integration

1. Overview

This document provides a top-level summary information on how to integrate T-Plan Robot Enterprise with 3rd party solutions.

2. Product Integration Guides

This chapter lists existing integration guides for particular software products.

Product Name
T-Plan Professional T-Plan Professional (TPP) is a test management tool produced by T-Plan. It supports export of test cases to Robot test scripts, automation execution and result reporting. For details refer to the online integration guide.
Continuous Integration
(Hudson, Jenkins)
Our online T-Plan Robot Enterprise And Continuous Integration guide provides a instructions on how to integrate with Jenkins. The steps may be reused for Hudson.
Java IDE
(Netbeans, Eclipse)
There are no IDE specific plugins for direct integration with T-Plan Robot Enterprise. Robot's project structure is however compatible with the one used by most IDEs and the project folder may serve as home of both the Robot and Netbeans/Eclipse projects. This enables development of Java test scripts and any supporting Java code in both environments in parallel.

Detailed instructions on how to set up a Netbeans development environment are maintained in our Developing Java Test Scripts document. The steps may be reused for Eclipse or another IDE.

3. Generic Integration

The following Robot features, plugins and tools are suitable for integration with 3rd party solutions: