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T-Plan Robot Enterprise 3.0.1 Execution Log

T-Plan Robot Enterprise release 3 introduced the script execution log. It is intended to track details of a script execution and to simplify debugging of script failures. The log facility is based on the following principles:
Do not confuse the script execution log with the T-Plan Robot Enterprise application log maintained through the Log Viewer window. The application log is open from the Robot start until it finishes and it merely collects all messages which are being printed out into the standard output (console/terminal, command prompt). The only things the log mechanisms have in common is that when a script execution throws an error which gets also printed into the standard output, the error message will appear in both logs.

Execution Log Viewer

The Execution Log Viewer is a GUI component which displays a cumulative log from all scripts executed from the application start. It is situated under the Exec Log tab of the Tool Panel at the top left corner of the T-Plan Robot Enterprise main window.

Result Manager WindowA right click onto the log pane opens up a menu with the following items: