Script Editor

If you want to be efficient in development of test scripts, you must be familiar with features of the script editor which is provided in the T-Plan Robot GUI. It was designed to make development of test scripts easy. As most of the features are described in the Script Editor help page and demonstrated in the video below, here's just a short summary of what it can do:

Script Editor
  • Syntax highlighting. The editor displays components of the scripting language in different styles and colors which makes reading of the code easier.
  • Automatic (on-the-fly) compilation. Modified scripts get automatically compiled (verified) after a few seconds of idle time and eventual errors in syntax are displayed.
  • Error highlighting. The editor highlights commands which contain syntax errors and provides error description through a tool tip message and the status bar. An example can be seen in the last command on the picture.
  • Command and Snippet Wizards. The Command Wizard gets initialized with Ctrl+Enter and allows to create a command skeleton and define its parameters. The Snippet Wizard opens with Ctrl+I and provides a list of frequently used pieces of code (snippets).
  • Context menu. Right click onto a command in editor to get a context menu with available actions.
  • Execution progress tracing. The editor highlights the currently executed line during script execution.
  • Partial execution support. To run just part of the script simply select (highlight) the code you want to execute and hit Execute Selected Commands.
  • Break points. A break point is a command (line in editor) where the executed script should suspend. An example of break point is the red line on the picture.

Take a tour of the script editor by watching the following video. We strongly suggest you to start T-Plan Robot Enterprise and try out the features on your own as they are demonstrated. The test script we are going to play with is the recently discussed calculator one. Revisit the Scripting Language Principles topic to get the code and copy it to your script editor before you start.

Script editor demo Script editor demo
Script editor demo
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