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8 November 2019

IMPORTANT: This is an outdated document which is not being maintained any more. For the most recent instructions and downloads go to:

iOS Over Xcode Extension Plugin For T-Plan Robot Enterprise

1. Overview
2. Plugin installation
3. Usage

1. Overview

The iOS Over Xcode Extension Plugin adds new features to T-Plan Robot Enterprise test scripts relying on the iOS Over Xcode connection for iOS 10+. Namely:
The plugin is primarily designed for test scripts written in the TPR language. To call the plugin scripts from Java either use the DefaultJavaTestScript.run() method or use the script instance approach described in the Java Test Script Basics document.

Should you have any questions or suggestions contact the T-Plan support. For the list of other plugins provided by T-Plan go here.

NOTE: As a result of a major update required by the iOS 12/13 updates, this plugin is not compatible with the previous version 0.1. For documentation on the old plugin go here.

2. Plugin installation

The plugin requires T-Plan Robot 5.0.6 or higher. Download:

To install the plugi:

  1. Unzip the archive and copy the iosx.jar file to the plugins/ directory under the Robot installation directory. This will make Robot load the classes on the start up. Make sure to remove any older versions of the plugin.
  2. Start or restart Robot.
To uninstall the plugin simply delete the file.

3. Usage

The plugin contains:
Script Name
Get bundle ID of the active application.
com.tplan.iosx.Kill Kill (deactivate) an application.
Start an application on the iOS device.
com.tplan.iosx.Orientation Set the screen orientation to portrait or landscape left.

The plugin scripts are to be called from TPR test scripts using the Run command. The command instances may be easily created using the Command Wizard tool. To edit an existing Run command right click it and select Properties in the context menu.


// Start Safari
Run "com.tplan.iosx.Start" bundleid="com.apple.mobilesafari"

// Retrieve the active app bundle ID to the _IOS_ACTIVE_APP variable and verify that it is Safari
Run "com.tplan.iosx.ActiveApp" 

if ("{_IOS_ACTIVE_APP}" != "com.apple.mobilesafari") {
Exit 1 desc="Safari failed to start!"

// Rotate the screen to landscape
Run "com.tplan.iosx.Orientation" orientation="landscape"

// Test code here...

// Deactivate Safari
Run "com.tplan.iosx.Kill" bundleid="com.apple.mobilesafari"