T-Plan Robot Enterprise 5.0.1
Build No. 5.0.1-20190308.1

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T-Plan Robot Enterprise Architecture

The following picture shows general architecture of T-Plan Robot Enterprise. Select an object of your interest to get to the Java class or package where it is implemented.

A complete list of available Java packages follows.


com.tplan.robot Top level classes which provide entry points to the application and the automated testing framework.
com.tplan.robot.imagecomparison The Image Comparison base API.
com.tplan.robot.imagecomparison.diff Methods comparing two full screen images to detect differences.
com.tplan.robot.imagecomparison.histogram The histogram based image comparison module (code "default").
com.tplan.robot.imagecomparison.object The Object Search image comparison method (code "object").
com.tplan.robot.imagecomparison.search The Image Search comparison methods (codes "search" and "search2").
com.tplan.robot.imagecomparison.tesseractocr The Tesseract Optical Character Recognition (OCR) text recognition method (code "tocr").
com.tplan.robot.imagecomparison.text The Image Based Text Recognition comparison method (code "text").
com.tplan.robot.plugin The Plugin framework.
com.tplan.robot.preferences The User Preferences framework.
com.tplan.robot.remoteclient The top level Desktop Client API.
com.tplan.robot.remoteclient.capabilities A set of interfaces used to declare desktop client capabilities.
com.tplan.robot.remotecontrol Remote Controller classes.
com.tplan.robot.scheduler Scheduler classes.
com.tplan.robot.scripting The test script framework and API.
com.tplan.robot.scripting.commands The Command Handler API.
com.tplan.robot.scripting.interpret Framework of script interprets allowing to compile and execute test scripts in different languages, such as the T-Plan Robot Enterprise TPR scripting language or Java.
com.tplan.robot.scripting.report The Report Provider API and implementation of the default HTML (code "default" and XML/HTML (code "enterprise") test report providers.
com.tplan.robot.util Utility and auxiliary classes.


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T-Plan Robot Enterprise 5.0.1
Build No. 5.0.1-20190308.1