T-Plan Robot Enterprise 5.0.1
Build No. 5.0.1-20190308.1

Class ConfigurationChangeEvent

  extended by java.util.EventObject
      extended by java.beans.PropertyChangeEvent
          extended by com.tplan.robot.preferences.ConfigurationChangeEvent
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ConfigurationChangeEvent
extends java.beans.PropertyChangeEvent

An event that gets fired when a value in the user configuration changes. It references the configuration as the source of the event, name of the changed parameter and its old and new value.

These events are used in ConfigurationChangeListener interface.

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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
ConfigurationChangeEvent(java.lang.Object source, java.lang.String parameterName, java.lang.Object oldValue, java.lang.Object newValue)
          Constructs a new ConfigurationChangeEvent.
Method Summary
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getNewValue, getOldValue, getPropagationId, getPropertyName, setPropagationId
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getSource, toString
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Constructor Detail


public ConfigurationChangeEvent(java.lang.Object source,
                                java.lang.String parameterName,
                                java.lang.Object oldValue,
                                java.lang.Object newValue)
Constructs a new ConfigurationChangeEvent.

source - The bean that fired the event.
parameterName - The programatic name of the property that was changed.
oldValue - The old value of the property.
newValue - The new value of the property.

T-Plan Robot Enterprise 5.0.1
Build No. 5.0.1-20190308.1